Saturday, 23 July 2011

Gunman Shot Children From Shore, Reports Of Second Gunman

New interviews have emerged that tell of how the Utoya gunman Anders Breivik stood on the shore and calmly shot victims as they tried to swim to safety. The gunman was dressed as a policeman and was able to lure some of his victims to him.
Meanwhile, Norwegian websites and report that a number of witnesses on the island saw a second gunman, not wearing a police uniform. Police are investigating these claims.

More on The Daily Beast:

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Torture Chambers Of Benghazi

As Gaddafi forces move out of towns and cities across Libya, the media are moving in. For the first time we are seeing the extent of the regimes apparatus of torture, and it's victims, as this report from Al-Jazeera shows:

UPDATED Mar 9: Map Of Areas Of Regime & Protester Control Within Libya


Please note that this map is from the Wikipedia article on the Libyan uprising, replacing my map from earlier posts

Monday, 7 March 2011

pop stars and a knight, it must be a gaddafi party

Over the last few weeks, Wikileaks has published some damming reports that the Gaddafi family has given millions of pounds to fund their education and their entertainment. This has forced some celebrities to donate the earnings to a charity and to give a some what half hearted apology, mixed with an excuse. Wikileak's findings has also cause an independent enquiry into the funding of over 3.7 million pounds to the London School of Economics from the Gaddafi family and the resignation of its director Sir Howard Davies.

The artists and reported earnings for Gaddafi linked events:

2005 - 50 cent - unknow - undcilosed fee

2007 - Nelly Furtdo - 45 mins - $1million

2009 - Mariah Carey - 4 songs - $1million

2009 - Beyonce Knowles - 1 hour - $2million

2009 - Usher - 1 hour - undisclosed fee

Rumoured to have perform, Lionel Richie, Enrique Iglesias and Timberland. Most the pop stars have come out with regret at preforming at these event and have since donated their earning from this to charities.

Donations or payments to London School of Economics:

£2.2 - to train Libyan civil servants and professionals

£20,000 - tuition to head of Libyan investment authority 

£31,000 - advice from Davies himself on Libya's wealth fund

£22,857 - travel costs from for academic LSE speakers to go to Libya 

Gaddafi's son attended LSE and is now being investigated for plagiarism on his PhD thesis.

Earthquake from space

New Zealand's Christchurch as seen through the Japanese spacecraft Alos. It shows the movement on the day the 6.3 tremor killed 160 people and destroyed the cities foundation.   

The colour bands shows movement towards and from the satellite, you can see that the centre of the quake hit right under Christchurch. 

Friday, 4 March 2011

Sexism And Car Insurance

Further to our post earlier on the European Court of Justice's flawed decision on equal insurance premiums for male and female drivers, Dizzy has an interesting post here:

Demonstrations In Morocco Prompt Concern In Other Arab Monarchies

Recent protests in the Kingdom of Morocco have prompted concerns in other Arab kingdoms. So far the extreme protests in the Arab world have taken place in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya - all republics.
There have been small scale protests in countries such as Jordan, Oman and Saudi Arabia, but these have been contained with, on the most part, little bloodshed.
That Morocco, a country that has seen a decade of reforms, is subject to large scale street protests has damaged the theory that Arab monarchies are not inherently more stable than their republican neighbours.
The demonstrators are unhappy about repression and curbs on civil liberties, and are calling on Morocco to adopt a constitutional monarchy, such as those in the UK and Spain.